Who says you can’t learn new tricks after the age of forty? 

Long-time widow and bookstore owner Laura Holden harbors a secret passion: she reads racy romance novels and fantasizes being a character in one of the books, especially the naughty French governess, Giselle. When she meets her son’s sexy future father-in-law, they hit it off in more ways than one. No man has ignited her desires like Blake, and when he offers to take her to The Dark Side, a private sex club where anything goes, she’s more than willing. 

After Professor Blake Conover’s ex-wife dumps him for a Dom, he vows he’ll never again be boring in bed. He embarks on an exploration of BDSM clubs to learn the ropes…and chains and cuffs. Blake finds in Laura a hot new partner eager to join him on an erotic adventure. But the novice turns the tables on the seasoned scholar with games of sexual one-upmanship that leaves him reeling. Laura’s an open book, but Blake has a secret he doesn’t want anyone to know. Will their game-playing turn serious, or will one of them wind up with a broken heart.




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          “To tell the truth, I know a lot about this stuff. Only I don’t read it in books.”

Her heart skipped a beat. What did that mean? She swallowed some more vodka to wet her parched mouth. “Really. How interesting. Tell me more.” Now her face felt like an inferno. She wasn’t sure if it was the conversation, the alcohol, or Blake’s presence. Or all three.

“I experimented after my wife left me, always careful to make sure Amy would never know. I wanted to understand why Glenda rode off on the back of that bike with a younger man. A man who, unlike me and Glenda, wasn’t college educated. Don’t misinterpret here. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’d have to know Damian. He’s crude and vulgar, treats her like the slave she wanted to be instead of what she had with me. You see, she wanted to be dominated, and I wasn’t the dominating type. Not then.”

“And you are now?”

He sipped his drink. “Only if a woman wants to be dominated, and many do. You’d be surprised.”

Laura laughed, a phony, tinny laugh she felt sure would give her away. “Do they? I don’t think so.” But she couldn’t ignore the tight feeling across her chest, the now-racing heart.

He took the drink from her hand and put it on the desk then raised her so that she stood in front of him. “You read these books because they turn you on. You wonder what it would be like for a man to be in charge, to make you do things you never dreamed of doing. Or maybe you wonder what it would be like to dominate a man. Many men like that, believe it or not.”

While he talked, he stroked the side of her face. His gray eyes twinkled with mischief. She needed more than a panty liner. Her tongue moistened her lips, again curious why her body fluids had changed places. “Do you want a woman to dominate you?”

“We’re not talking about me.”

“I am.”

He paused, and Laura could almost see the wheels turning in his head. “I never thought about it, but I suppose if it’s the right woman, and the situation called for her to be in charge, it might be an exciting experiment. I’m not chauvinistic. I’m open to almost anything.”

Laura’s pussy felt like there was something alive in there, twitching and pulsating. “Do you do this with all your women?”

He brushed her ear with his lips. “Do what?”

“Prove that you’re not boring? That your ex-wife wasn’t right.”

He moved away, and Laura mentally slapped herself for interrupting the moment with a pitiful excuse for pop psychology.

“I was boring,” he said. “I had my nose in either reading a book or writing one. All the time. And not books by, what’s her name?”

“Candace Lovelace.”

“Right. Not books by Candace Lovelace. Maybe I should have read her. Then I would have known to do this.”

He took her in his arms and kissed her again, more passionately than the first time, finding her tongue and flirting with it, like a kitten teases a mouse. His hands slipped from her face to her shoulders and down her back to her ass, which he cupped and pulled to him. She didn’t think she could get any closer than she’d been, but he proved her wrong. Again, his hyperactive cock pressed hard against her.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like that,” he said, moving back enough to speak.

Like it? Laura thought his first kiss was dynamite. This blew that one to smithereens. If her mouth was dry before, it was the Sahara now. “Which?” she asked, frustrated that her voice came out in a croak. “The kiss or the man taking control?”


“You’re a very passionate kisser.”

“What about the control?”

“I’m like Giselle. I couldn’t allow a man to control me. Not fully. That’s not my nature. I’d be giving up my independence, and I fought too hard for it to let go.”

“Independence is relative.”

His hands, now around her waist, held her captive. Laura tried to ignore the hair-raising shiver his touch generated. Then he leaned down and kissed the tips of her breasts through the shell of her cocktail suit. The contact couldn’t have been lighter, just a feather’s graze, but it was enough to tingle all the way through her body and spasm her already eager sex.

“I’ll leave now so you can remember that kiss. You’ll stay here tomorrow night. I understand Zach has a bachelor party with his high school friends, and their girlfriends are taking Amy out for the evening.”

Laura could barely speak, for all the breath had been sucked out of her. “Was…was that overnight thingy an invitation or an order?”

“An order. By the way, what did you bring to wear tomorrow?”

Why does he want to know that? She gave up trying to figure out Blake’s reason and answered. “I’ve both slacks and a skirt. Why?”

“Wear the skirt.” He walked to the door. “Oh, and don’t wear any underwear. You can wear a bra, unless you don’t want to. At least tomorrow morning.” He smiled and left, closing the door behind him.

Laura stood facing the closed door with a throbbing pussy that was so wet and wired she’d have to do something about it. Blake Conover raised the danger level of every molecule of her body to red alert. Goose bumps rose on her skin just thinking of his command. How, she wondered, could she react like this? Yet his words, his demands, excited her beyond anything she could have imagined.

Reading all those books had piqued her curiosity. She’d wondered what it would be like to be dominated, not as a way of life, but as an experiment. How would she feel? Could she do what he asked? Would she? She unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall onto the Oriental carpet then collapsed into the same chair she’d occupied earlier in the evening. She was about to relieve her pulsing clit when the phone rang. She had a sneaking suspicion who it was. She answered. “Hello, Blake.”

“You’re wet, aren’t you?”

She didn’t answer his outrageous question, making him wait, seeing if he’d ask again.

“Aren’t you?”

Her whole body was on fire. Heart pumping dangerously, vaginal spasms so violent her hand reached below to ease the need. “Yes.”